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Pondering a career in acting or modeling? Most of our talents go on to find notable success as actors & models. HSI's talents are hired for popular movies, TV shows, and commercials, along with modeling positions within the industry, including catalog print and runway work. The main goal of HSI Casting is to help individuals make maximum use of their natural talents while intelligently and effectively pursuing improvement in modeling, acting, or related spheres where self-confidence and a winning image are at a premium!


HSI Casting is here to help you achieve the goals you've set forth for yourself. By extension, HSI is founded on a simple principle: you have the power to believe and achieve whatever you choose to believe about yourself, your abilities, and what is possible for you. No matter where you are starting from—whether you are brand new to training, or you are an advanced talent—choose to focus on the positive, and remember that your thoughts help to shape the contours of your life!

HSI Casting is excited to get you started on your journey to success!

Our talents' growth, increased confidence, and ongoing skill development are our central focuses. Our instructors, in turn, are prepared to give effective training and positive feedback to better guide you in reaching your goals. Your success is a team effort. Always remember your dream and keep it alive and growing!

By starting with HSI Casting, you have taken the most important step foward—the first step!


At HSI Casting, our main mission is to help men, women, and children discover the model and actor within themselves. The purpose of HSI Casting is to instill the values and teach the skills and abilities that are needed for success in the modeling and acting industry. These valuable teachings can be taught to anyone who wants to learn to build their self- esteem and create a positive self-image.

HSI Casting takes great pride in providing the best directors, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, and instructors so that our talents have a distinct competitive edge over all others in the industry.

HSI Casting is committed to success and concentrates on quality—not quantity. Your gains are evaluated in direct proportion to your goals. HSI Casting is the first place talents learn the essentials needed to get noticed and get ahead, in both life and career.

HSI Casting is conveniently located in Hollywood, California and Chicago, Illinois respectively.

Forget the rest and come to the best—HSI Casting.

No matter where you live, you can submit your pictures, videos, and contact info now! Don't delay, Get started on your future today!

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"I don't think anything else has been this effective at preparing us to succeed."

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